Features of non-stick pan

Source:Yongkang Kangji Cookware Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-08-11

(1) Features

Non-stick pans are beautiful in appearance, novel, non-sticky, non-sticky, easy to clean, easy to wash, and tasteless. The base materials of common non-stick pans are aluminum, iron, stainless steel and alloys. The non-stick layer includes coating, cast film, etc. The non-stick coating materials mainly include ordinary non-stick coating and silverstone non-stick coating. A good non-stick coating can make the pot cook food without putting oil at all or putting only a little oil. The cast membrane is mainly made of PTFE, which is the same material used in heart bypass surgery. The cast film non-stick pan has the functions of frying, frying, stewing, roasting, etc. It does not produce oily smoke under normal cooking conditions, and does not add water when stewing meat.

Non-stick pans have higher requirements for use. Do not scrape the pan with hard objects such as shovel or steel shovel. Do not clean the pan with iron wire. Do not use violent fire.

(2) Choice

Go to a big shopping mall to choose a brand-name nonstick pan. Relatively speaking, a non-stick pan with thick and consistent materials can keep the food at a relatively constant temperature without losing nutrients and having a pure taste.