Features of aluminum pan

Source:Yongkang Kangji Cookware Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-08-11

(1) Features

The aluminum pan is light, durable, fast heating, uniform heat conduction, and does not rust, but it is not suitable for cooking acidic or alkaline foods and salty foods. Otherwise, the aluminum in the cookware will dissolve in large quantities and contaminate the food. A large number of studies have shown that excessive intake of aluminum will accelerate people's aging, and aluminum is also the root cause of Alzheimer's disease.

It is understood that aluminum products mainly include refined aluminum (soft aluminum) products and cast aluminum (hard aluminum) products. The materials are aluminum and aluminum alloys. The surface color can be divided into white, light yellow and other colors. White aluminum products are divided into casting and stamping. The surface of the cast aluminum product has been treated with polishing and mechanical polishing to make the surface white, but the metal structure is loose and there are certain casting defects. The surface of the stamped aluminum products is whitewashed, sanded and mechanically polished. The surface is a natural oxide film with a thickness of only 0.01-0.15 μm, which is thin and uneven, and is easily mechanically scratched or worn. The yellow aluminum products are stamped products that undergo anodizing treatment to form a light yellow artificial oxide film on the surface. The oxide film is generally 5-20μm thick, uniform and dense, and the film will not be damaged in 100 seconds under the action of strong alkali. Therefore, light yellow aluminum products are good. They are beautiful, easy to remove dirt, strong corrosion resistance, and strong wear resistance.

In daily life, many people like to use steel wire balls to polish the bottom of aluminum pans. Experts say that although this wipes off the stains on the pan, it also wipes off the protective oxide film on the surface of aluminum cookware. . Therefore, when using aluminum cookware such as aluminum pots, aluminum pots, etc., it is not necessary to wipe off the light yellow rust on the surface.

(2) Choice

When choosing an aluminum pot, pay attention to the body of the pot upright and round, the bottom, lid, and inside and outside of the pot should be bright, without dark, black marks or cracks. At the same time, check the structure of the parts, such as rivets, ring heads, etc., whether they are firm or not. Point, trachoma.