Kitchenware purchase

Source:Yongkang Kangji Cookware Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-08-10

One of the general development trends of kitchen equipment is the increase in stainless steel products. Compared with traditional aluminum products, iron products, and enamel products, it has many advantages:
1. Aluminum products are easy to be oxidized and corroded, iron is easy to rust, and enamel products are corroded. The stainless steel products are not oxidized and corrosion resistant.
2. The strength of aluminum is low, and it is easy to lose shape when touched by ballast. The enamel of enamel products is hard but very brittle, and the same is true for collision, while stainless steel products are not afraid of collision.
3. Aluminum products are easy to adsorb objects, beneficial to the growth of bacteria and grass, and become black after oxidation, which is not easy to wipe, which affects the appearance. Stainless steel has a firm texture, good finish, and few attachments, which is beneficial to hygiene.
4. From the perspective of the impact on the human body, some people abroad call aluminum cookware "the thief who steals life", and believe that if the human body aluminum content exceeds 50-150 mg, it will cause premature aging.
It can be seen from the above four points that it is imperative for stainless steel products to enter the kitchen. Therefore, young friends should consider from a long-term perspective when choosing household kitchenware. In addition, we can first consider the following aspects when buying.