• 32 34 Steel Shovel King 2
    32 34 Steel Shovel King 2
  • 32 34 dazzling non-stick pan
    32 34 dazzling non-stick pan
  • 41 44 47 Binaural Fine Iron Pan
    41 44 47 Binaural Fine Iron Pan
  • 32 double-sided glass cover
    32 double-sided glass cover
The company is located near Fangyan Mountain, a national tourist attraction in Yongkang City, the hardware capital of China, and belongs to the Botang production base in Zhiying Street, 15 kilometers away from China Science and Technology Hardware City. 60 kilometers away from China Commodity City Yiwu. Started to produce cookware in 1994, and established a company in 2002 to produce real stainless woks. Enamel wok, iron non-stick pan, hard oxidation pan. Series products such as fume-free pot. And can design and produce various cooking utensils according to customer requirements. The iron pan was designated as the famous hardware product of the 5th China Hardware Fair
Contact person: Mr. Ying
Tel: 86 0579 87458788
Fax: 86 0579 87458786
Add: No. 8, Bochuan Road, Zhiying Town, Yongkang City, Zhejiang